FF&E Procurement

About Us

aboutTaking a project from floorplans and concept boards to becoming a reality – requires time. It also requires know-how, paperwork, and strong follow-up.

We work with designers, developers and architects who chose to leave the FF&E procurement process to a specialist – that’s where we come in.

We’re the Furniture Solutions Group.

From our deep and global inventory of suppliers we identify options that are faithful to designer’s specifications as well as one that is sensitive to the overall budget. Although we often work with vendors specified by our clients, we also introduce resources they may not be aware of. And as an independent agency, we offer unlimited access to all brands and manufacturers. We procure client selections, handling all the details along the way—from initial orders, to tracking each, to storage, as well as coordination of delivery and installation.

hieiseWorking with clients throughout the process are FSG’s knowledgeable and hands-on project managers. Our expertise is supplemented and enhanced by Web-based specification and project management software that gives our clients 24/7 access to information receiving high marks for ease of use.

Many of our clients choose to bring us into the design process early, we can also step in at any stage of a project’s development to achieve the goals set forth. Our services are completely scalable—from a small restaurant to a luxury hotel.

We make it happen.

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