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Consulting Services


Project Timeline Development

At FSG, our Team works with the development team to set up and execute the project according to the construction timeline, storage resources, and availability of products.


Responsibility Matrix Development

A detailed matrix with responsibilities for specification, procurement and installation will be developed for each commodity.


Preliminary Budget Development

Our experienced team will develop preliminary budgets from plans based on detailed furniture counts or square footage of space.


Product Sourcing

If you’re challenged to find the right source for a product, we’ll help you find the solution. We have built a huge inventory of resources based on our exposure to products along market segments and between different clients.


Administrative Assistant

We are available to assist in any administrative task associated with the project. We are here to coordinate site surveys, procure samples, budgetary numbers, etc.


Web-Based Specification/Project Management Software

This is it—a collaborative-software program that literally keeps us all on the same page. This program provides our project team access to the procurement process from specification development to delivery, and becomes a central database to store and track information globally. No more lost faxes, e-mails or memos.

Procurement Services


Project Management

From the on-set of every project, we create, develop, manage, and execute each project according to the construction timeline, storage resources, and availability of products.


Bid Management

Just ask. FSG will be happy to collaborate with the property’s owner and designer to identify the proper sources, and bid all products to obtain the highest quality product for the lowest possible price.


Quantify and Qualify

We count every piece of furniture on the plans and compare them with the counts on the specifications. Where we have questions or see opportunities we verify with you. We also review all specifications and will make recommendations where we see opportunities.


Cash Flow Projection

A project Cash Flow will be developed according to the project timeline, bank draw schedule, and the funds required to procure each commodity throughout the project.


Procurement Administration

We enter specifications, issue purchase orders, qualify invoices and make requests for payment according to cash flow, and terms and conditions of the contracts.


Vendor Tracking

We stay on top of things, confirming availability of all products, maintaining a vendor delivery report, and advising of potential schedule conflicts.


Delivery Management

Our team will be on-site to manage all deliveries and coordinate efforts between construction, operations and FF&E. We’ll see that products are placed according to the plans and that all debris is removed from the site


Post Occupancy Service

Although we don’t warrant the products we procure for your project, we do provide service and we’ll help coordinate resolution of any post-occupancy issue..