FF&E Procurement

Questions to Consider

Are you prepared for your upcoming project?

  1. I have experience managing FF&E procurement on this scale and have a plan of action to accurately procure each commodity.
  2. In my organization, the best available person to manage this project from inception to completion is…
  3. I understand how much time I need in order for all my FF&E to be delivered in time for my grand opening.
  4. I understand the Value Engineering (VE) concept, and have the knowledge and resources to pursue savings without sacrificing the design intent.
  5. I have a good understanding of an FF&E Procurement Agent versus a Furniture Dealer. Key distinctions are…
  6. Several people in my organization have solid contacts and are up to date on the latest product trends in the market place. My plan to take advantage of this is…
  7. I have a thorough understanding of who is responsible for specification, procurement and installation for each commodity.
  8. If things should go wrong at some point, I have the time and resources to solve the problem.
  9. I have a thorough understanding of the freight & logistics market and can comfortably manage the delivery of all products.
  10. I have the experience and resources to receive, uncrate, assemble and place all products in their designated position.